International Conference of Computer Applications for Shipbuilding

Information Technologies across the Full Lifecycle of a Ship


Shipbuilders use computing technologies to create, store and manage data and information across all functional departments of a shipyard.

Ship-owners and Equipment Manufacturers increasingly use advanced computing technologies for efficient operational performance of ships under growing competition and escalating international rules and regulations to minimise environmental impact.

Vendors and Research Organisations develop innovative advanced computing technologies for application in ship design, build and operation.

ICCAS offers the opportunity to discuss how the design of ships is improving to satisfy the progressively stringent requirements demands of the ship-owners, how the production and build of ships is being optimized, and how the performance of ships at sea is being enhanced.

ICCAS papers address:

  • Maximising the application and use of computing technologies by consolidating success of current systems.
  • Improving Productivity and Performance by applying computing technologies.
  • Understanding the direction of Future Developments (and how/when they should be implemented).
  • Optimising data and information captured to produce inventive solutions in design, build and in-service operation of the ship.  
  • Implementation of Processes and Procedures for efficient use of computing systems
  • All stages of the ship lifecycle.

ICCAS favours papers which include practical applications of computing technologies in the field. 

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