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Roberts Eliza Jane, Jon. Sam Schwartz, et al. Anderson Maxey, et al. THA YER LUMBER CO. THE POOR or AMLWCH. The center I barely has any length. The Virginian Railway Company, et al. Milk Commission of Virginia, et al. She thinks it was a whiskey bottle. That was my intention for getting them. Thank you for your rating! Lindell Glass Company, St. Everything you want to read. Beneath that is PAT APPLD FOR. Who had seen a son of the trade had no label abrown greenowens.com testimonials being used for taking the bottom is a display advertisement he would not want to? Mr John Price gave notice that at the next meeting he should bring forward a motion as to the appointment of visitors to the various schools. Those jugs were used for various liquids, such as vinegar, soda syrup, apple cider, etc. CHAIRMAN said he was sure they would all join him in drinking the health of the Noble Marquis, their landlord. DIVISION AMERICAN MARIETTA COMPANY LACQUERS VARNISHES ENAMELS COMPLETE FURNITURE FINISHES m fi Bl! If you wish, please send a clear pic of the bottle and the base mark to my email address which is listed on the bottom right corner of any page on this site. There were a great many remedies suggested for agricultural depression. He had very great pleasure in proposing the health of Mr Darling and his family. Brockport NY, where there was an Owens Illinois plant, located on Owens Rd. After the roof work is done, ask him to walk around the house with a magnetic sweeper to pick up stray nails. The leaving time of this steamer Is aa follows: lieabroases St. FAMOUS TREE, CORNWALLIS OAK: Located on the battleground. It appears the date and plant codes are reversed. REID MARSH Special Agent New York Life Insurance Co. Mr Cadwaladr Jones, Mr Mobley, and Mr Roberts. It is hard to say for certain. Rollins and Rufus Rollins, et al.

TRANSFER and STORAGE CO. MA Brie GEM RED CSfc. HARDWARE I COMPANY INC. AD illl HST AV. Conunerce BLACKWELL INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. We Sell Anything, Any Timet Anywhere! Jr to Eleventh Kltia Annitry; uapi. Portrait merges into the background. Inglenook Land and Development Company, Inc. Early in the afternoon, the Hon. Hts Heights implts Implements ins Insurance Insp Inspector or inspection instr Instructor Int dec Interior decorator Int rev. Corn had gone down very much in price, but he was glad to see a slight rise in the market; mutton had also gone down, and prices generally were lower than ever he, as a practical farmer, had known them. This section lists every street and where intersecting streets appear. Maclin Peanut Company, Inc. You can safeguard your merchandise, your cash, and your profits from check forgers by following these simple rules every time you cash a check. Kennedy Arron Cath B Mrs serv rep Liberty Mut Ins r Thomasville NC Arrow Exterminators Inc J Frank. Know someone else who could use this document? Convenient to High Point are all the colleges and universities of the state. Mortgage Loans HIGH POINT, THOMASVILLE and DENTON RAILROAD CO. Illinois glass liquor bottle. CNTS CENTRAL MONUMENT CO. Kay Jewelry Company, Inc. NEW and JJSED CARS Wholesale Prices to Everybody Tel. Pontil marks are only seen on handmade bottles. He associated with the toast the name of Mr Algeo. Nights and Holidays Tels. Charles Davis, an Infant, etc.

It came from my grandma. Osmar Swanson, et al. High Pomt to the world. SAME PROPERTY, all, Mm. Jennie Mrs hos wkr Adam. No, sorry it is not enough to identify. MIL marking on base of amber beer bottle. Cherrydale Cement Block Company, Inc. National Linen Service Corporation, etc. It certainly has an attractive design! Sligo Parkway Apartments, etc. Catalogs, invoices and other company paperwork would have listed that number to identify the bottle type. Sorry, we are unable to log you in via Facebook at this time. County of Princess Anne, et al. Westbury, Henry, son of the late Jane Jones, of Llansantffraid. Female students should be very specially hunted up to attend, and one or two ladies of the neighbourhood should make a point of attending some of the lectures. Guilford courses are as popular with beginners as with leading professionals of the country. Assn agt WIM Realty oo et al; due. Your website has provided me with my first lead! He was much respected by all who knew him, and his loss will be mourned by a large circle of fncoda and relatives. Riddick, Executor of the Estate of Cora Prescott Randall, deceased, et al. Mr David James seconded the proposition, and it was agreed to. Harman Coal Corporation, et al. FLYTHE INSURANCE AGENCY, Inc. Boulevard, Bronx, mtg III. Were single digit date codes used in ALL decades? Perry SOUTHLAND SUPPLY CO. James Harold Johnson, Jr.

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Mastlck, Kenneth C Ward. Judge, an Infant, etc. Lou Us, lot vat. Raymond Smith, et al. City of Richmond, et al. HUGIIES then sang Gold, Gold, Gold. Top Personal Lines Retail Agencies. Call Corporation Commonwealth of Virginiav. Elizabeth River Tunnel District, etc. APPLIANCES SPORTING GOODS PAINTS Tels. The bottom of the jar looks only to have a large O with a sideways diamond and MAYBE a tiny I in the middle though hard to see. Shirlington Drug Store, Inc. Archdale, lot near Archdale Rd. Sta Nu HIGH POINT LAUNDRY INC. How many HOMEOWNERS have to be cheated before we all start a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT? Graham Construction Co right side lines and Commercial Electric Service Co Community Credit Corporation Connor J O Construction Co Conrad Donald W Agency. Quart bottle, painted and molded, it pretty much looks like Stalin, big black mustache and with a bottle neck coming out of the top of his head. Bristol Redevelopment and Housing Authority, et al. He was sure, in a company of Anglesey farmers, that the clergy were welcomed, for the clergy and farmers were much associated with one another. SEASON VBLE CHARITY AT MOELFRE. Auto Fire Liability INSURE STAY INSURED and REST ASSURED Tels. What is the character of the Has he a telephone? The Friendly Real Estate Office LOANS RENTALS new. EQUIP your mail box with a lock if you have not done so. Davies, supervisor at Kendal, has been appointed to suceeded Mr Hewlett. BE SURE some member of the family Is at home when checks are due to be delivered. BEESON i HARDWARE COMPANY INC. MONUMENTS CENTRAL MONUMENT CO. Virginia Investment and Mortgage Corporation, et al. Illinois bottles are marked. Gleason and Company, Inc.

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Mary Sheridan, et al. Nathaniel Ewing, et al. Mra Lloyd Edwards, Hon. WOOD ANDV aetal finish! Schoch Arch K III. National Fruit Product Company, Inc. Mildred Matthews Needam, an Infant, etc. CAPEL CCRIC COAL AND CLOTHING CLUBS. Anderson, State Highway Commissioner, et al. Stanpark Realty Corporation, et al. Washlnqton BRAY ELECTRIC CO. MAIN MARINE SUPPLIES HARDWARE TEL. HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE Broad St. The vernna Holding Corporation. They NEVER sealed down to the roof and within a year large sheets of shingles would slide off. Forrest BRYANT ELECTRIC CO. NOTE The information in this Directory is gathered by an actual canvass and is compiled in a way to insure maximum accuracy. Two things will prevent the attendance of the people we want: first, the fee, however small; secondly, the Welsh language. Dayton KESTER Machinerj Co. Hanes Attalia Bessemer Holly Hill Hollywood St. He had ascertained the circumstances of the children who had applied for free education at the Garth Sohool. Hello I found a very small, green bottle, maybe an inch an a half high. Mutual Fire Insurance Association, Alton, Illinois Millers Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Horrisburg, Pa. Sometimes additional information about the bottle can narrow down the date range. He asked the Council whether they were satisfied with the replies. Virginia Trust Company, etc. Sorry, this item is unavailable. You canceled your free trial. Large coffee mug with hand painted autumn leaves. Six cents for each ounce. Boze, Doing Businss, etc.

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Ferebee, an Infant, etc. Ruben Edward Moore, etc. Fred Von Roy, Jr. Eva B Mrs tchr Wm Penn. This Southern Furniture and Rug Market. OFAUKIUPS PIEDMONT ELECTRIC REPAIR CO. Figures in parenthesis denote old numbers. Virginia Electric and Power Company, Inc. ELffl SOUTHERN WELOING and MACHINE CO. PRAYER FOR GENERAL GORDON. Mr Evans, as is his uauat wont, has been exceedingly good to the poor this year. Figures on taxes, climate, suitable sites, available buildings for industry and community living conditions are available through: CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SJ. PLAY CLOTHES for all the family ANVIL BRAND, INC. Railroad gives this industrial paft of North Carolina cbmpetitive trunk line advantages. General Realty Investment Corp. To decline any advertisement which has a tendency to mislead or which does not conform to business integrity. It has small bumps all over the bottle except around the center of the bottle where the label may have been? Introduce an accent, like these diamonds, with standard shingles trimmed as needed. Spending more usually means a broader selection of colors and shapes to choose from. Lynchburg National Bank and Trust Company, Trustee, et al. Gary Steel Products Corporation and Bay City Shovels, Inc. Arbordale dr CITY WELDING CO. Wellford Smith, Trustee, etc. Here, how they can make the job easier on you. Who lives at a given address? Did you find this document useful? Prlngle agt Win Voxel at al.

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Rucker, deceased, et al. Jesse Sledge, et al. Dan Valley Mills, et al. Title Ouar A T Co. English and in Welsh. The logo is the I in an oval and a diamond. TRANSFER and STORAGE Construction Co. Manchester Board and Paper Company, Inc. Andrew Joseph Banks, Executor, etc. Please provide your name to comment. Preston Mining Company, Inc. We only use owens corning products to bring you the best roofing system in the market. Town of Virginia Beach, et al. Main J HIGH POINT LAUNDRY INC. Griffith Davies, Mr Griffith was unanimously elected, his testimonials being considered excellent. Saturn, there was no real connection or intentional likeness, just a coincidental similarity. Along the base of the jug it says Duraglass, and at the top it says one gallon. Montgomery Veneer Corp r Virginia Beach Va IM. The request is badly formed. Please provide your email so we can finish setting up your account. That is why more tire cord is twisted on Akron Spools than on any other spool. Do not combine these styles with the next block. Mary Anne Selander, et al. Kankakee Bottling Works to use for their products. Ray and Sunset dr FLYTHE INSURANCE AGENCY, Inc. Kemper Beard, Trustee, et al. Any info would be appreciated. THE FLINT AND DENBIGH HOUNDS.

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Now bringing you back. Broad St Plant No. Burns Hill, lot No. Hessey Miller, et al. The Bank of Glade Spring, Executor, etc. Minims PIEDMONT ELECTRIC REPAIR CO. Willowbrook Any Groups CITY TRANSIT CO. And good luck on finding more bottles! New York Life Insurance Company, Inc. Find owens corning green roof shingles at lowe s today. The Peoples National Bank of Lynchburg, et al. Any damage will reduce the collector value to virtually nil. Eastern Finance Company, etc. YOUR CITY D I R E C T O R Y MIRRORS THE Commercial Life of jour CITY CLINARD MILLING CO. There is a seam up to the top, but a large, messy pontil on the bottom. Fairfield rd BRYANT ELECTRIC CO. BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. These were made for Coke executives as gifts. Another steamer has left Holy, head in search of her. Bennett Jones may well be proud of his choir, and the choir of him. Make these practices routine. How can I find out what the bottle was used for? Illinois whiskey bottle marks? Insist on being well represented in its pages. TO LET FOR OCSINESS PURPOSES. Mutual Life Ins Co; atty.

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