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China Consulate that a notary is not allowed to stamp or fan out every page and they said they are NOT going to accept a document that has not been stamped on every page by a notary with the notary stamp.


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According to complainant, respondent notarized an irregular document where one of the parties to the transaction was already dead, grossly violating his oath as a notary public.


In Mexico, the State Governor appoints a Notary Public, and that person has a very significant public responsibility, not only for real estate transactions, but also for all legal transactions that require authentication. Dowdy, the notary, failed to appear and no appeal has been taken from the default judgment entered against him. His father lives in Michigan.


The magazine highlights the problems of the theory of notaries, discusses the current state of the domestic problems of notaries and its reform, as well as comparative law analysis of the Russian and foreign notaries. Most websites are not accessible and web designers are not trained in this legal topic or accessible design. Is it legal for the fiance of a man getting a divorce to notarize his divorce papers in the state of Wisconsin?

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It will they be up to the parties to have that Order signed, notarized and submitted to the court, but it better than trying to draft an order yourself and try and figure out all the nuances needed by yourselves either. Contracts contain relevant agreements which both parties should perform. Filaković P, et al.

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