How to become an International Programme Committee  Member

Role of an IPC Member

The international Programme committee for ICCAS have the important and significant role of ensuring the success of the conference with a balanced programme of papers across a wide spectrum of topics and countries. In order to achieve this, the IPC engage in reviewing and marking submitted abstracts (typically about 120+) once every two years. The IPC marks are then merged to produce a draft conference programme from the eighty one highest internationally marked papers. 

With the exception of Conference years, when the task of reviewing and marking can take considerable time during a short period in March, IPC members periodically  encourage organisations, authors and delegates from their country to participate in ICCASand advise as appropriate, a task typically taking limited short periods of an IPC member’s time over a long period.

IPC members also review and contribute ideas and suggestions on ICCAS publicity material and conference reports and feedback. An important contribution of IPC members is to suggest improvements on conference format, content and arrangements.  

Qualities of an IPC Member

IPC membership is a responsible position that demands considerable knowledge and experience in shipbuilding or marine related organisations, and an exceptional ability to understand the topic and author intent on a wide and varied range of abbreviated submitted abstracts.

It also requires judgement on the potential interest of submitted abstract topics for conference delegates and how they rank against each other when marking.

An IPC member will have an understanding the marine industry in their country, such as design agencies, shipyards, marine organisations, shipowners, computing vendors, universities, and research institutes.

An IPC member will be willing to contact the above organisations to lobby and encourage participation in the ICCAS conference, and if requested  advise authors on the suitability of their topic, and perhaps provide guidance on how to discuss the technical content in their paper. 

Example of diversity of Abstracts

How to Become a Member of the IPC

Anyone from a country that does not have an IPC member who feels they have the skills, knowledge, experience, and qualities required for IPC membership, as described above, and has a strong interest in contributing to the continued success of ICCAS conferences may contact the chairman to discuss IPC membership oportunities.

Contact details are:

John Duncan (Chairman), Ministry of Defence, UK


Please use the following subject heading in the e-mail:              ICCAS IPC Membership Query

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