Why Attend ?

To Understand Global Developments

ICCAS presents a unique opportunity to appreciate worldwide best practices with proven success in productivity and product quality

Presentations attended, together with the proceedings, can significantly contribute to your company’s understanding of the advancement and successful application of computer systems developments, at all stages of the ship lifecycle across the global industry.

This can inspire improvements in the use of systems and stimulate innovative application of advanced computing and Information technologies within your organisation.

Why Submit a Paper?

To Promote the skills, and knowledge of your company. 

ICCAS offers the prospect to present to the international shipbuilding and ship operating communities how your company is effectively delivering high quality products by productive and/or pioneering use of advanced computing and Information Technologies, and operating to optimal performance

This will demonstrate the skills, knowledge and experience of your engineers in all stages of the ship lifecycle, and show a strong management philosophy that ensures your company is universally recognised as a leader in productive and cost effective implementation of computing technologies


Continuous Improvement

The implementation and use of computing and information  systems are critical to the effective operation of a company, and the quality and in-service productivity of a ship.

Digital Information Technologies are continually developing with ever increasing functionality and data integration.

ICCAS papers illustrate how the latest technologies are being successfully applied to the shipbuilding and ship operation industry, offering invaluable knowledge and understanding when seeking continuous improvement of implemented systems.

In addition to papers and presentations, ICCAS authors and delegates can discuss common problems with international peers, share experience on implementation and application of digital technologies, and assess if their company’s computing and Information Systems are performing to the highest possible level.  

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